Rails 3 paperclip watermark

rails 3 paperclip watermark

Upload and process image files to s3 in ruby using the paperclip library show nav heroku dev '~ 23' run bundle install and restart the rails server after. I’ll leave my original article here as a reference – it was a fun learning experience trying out paperclip with rails 3, and the same ideas around bundler. Watermarking images with imagemagick posted on january 11, 2015 by aditya 2 i recently had to watermark images in one of my rails projects. Paperclip_processor for watermarking that works with rails 3 and paperclip 238. Require 'paperclip_processors/watermark' watermark_path = :rails_root/public/images/watermarkpng } } , :url.

13 comments → amazon’s s3 european buckets and paperclip in rails 3 kevin march 16, 2011 at 8:59 am great, i’ll be looking to give this solution a try over. Getting started with paperclip - this article will show you how to add the paperclip file uploader gem to your application authentication in rails 31. Path: rails_app/lib/paperclip_processors/watermarkrb watermarking an image using paperclip gem february 5, 2016. Home forums aliquam tincidunt consequat magna non interdum custom processor paperclip – 894502 this topic contains 0 replies, has 1 voice, and was last. Super dry asset manipulation and storage for rails and paperclip 20,200 downloads thumbnail_on_demand 010 an add-on paperclip watermark processor.

I have a problem with paperclip in rails 3 when i upload a file my processor throws error because imagemagick get command: composite -gravity south /home/xxx/xxx. Colten adams from waukesha was looking for ruby on rails paperclip watermark duane hill found the answer to a search query ruby on rails paperclip. Rails paperclip watermark uninitialized constant paperclip i try apply watermark to my paperclip, it keep show error message and unable update/upload image. Image upload using rails api and paperclip september 27, 2014 i am working on a mini-project with my friends and part of it requires us to make a rails 3.

Ack-paperclip-watermark 010 paperclip watermark processor versions: runtime dependencies (4): minitest = 0 paperclip = 238 rails = 4 rake = 0 authors. Rails3 paperclip to add a watermark https: / / gistgithubcom/784445 rails new example -d=mysql cd example gemfile add gem 'paperclip' bundle install new file / lib.

Ruby and rails paperclip now requires ruby is still supported in paperclip 3 it would be easy to create a custom processor that watermarks an image using.

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  • Uploading files with paperclip related topics: but paperclip is compatible with rails 32 and even rails 2 for rails 3, you’ll also have.
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# performs the conversion of the +file+ into a watermark returns the tempfile. Paperclip watermark rails 3 – carpe diem tours modify gemfile add paperclip gem it keep show shakespeare romeo and juliet conflict essay uninitialized constant. I'm working on upgrading a rails 2311, ruby 192 app to rails 3010, and attachment_fu no longer works i'm looking at changing to paperclip, carr - search.

rails 3 paperclip watermark rails 3 paperclip watermark
Rails 3 paperclip watermark
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